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Broken Butterfly

I am a butterfly
Forced like a criminal into a cell
To fly with a fragmented wing.
My baggage glares at me, motionless
Ugly toads with bulging eyes
That know I have to plunge into the icy water
Naked and reluctant.

My top floor haven, soft
Carved and sculpted just for me.
Will rot as it remains empty,
Age and gather dust
Just as my sisters will.

The unknown awaits,
An infinity pool of rose petals
Invite me in for a dip.
But the bed of thorns that lie snarling
Below my fantasies
Turn me into Mummy's little girl again,
I will drown without her.

I don't want to be a stranger,
An unrecognisable immigrant
That returns once in a while
Broken like a conch shell
Washed up on the beach once the waves are finished with me.

I am alone now,
The iridescent moon my God
Protecting my precious innocence
As I strip myself, like a prisoner

Of everything I know.

by Amy Coppel (0)
The Sixth Form College Colchester, Essex

Competition - Poetopia

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