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Conspiracy Of Eternal Silence

Searing hot
Anger, pain, jealousy
I want you to hurt for not loving me
reject you before you reject me
but hold you close, palm to palm
?feel your fingers brush my face
taste the love lingering on my lips
tingle at the sound of hushed whispers.

I want to manipulate you
make you love me, desire me
feel the longing need tormenting me
warp, distort, gnarl your thoughts
captivate your heart until infatuated
concealing emotions and lure like a siren song
only to feel power swell swiftly strengthening every pore
deeply cut your wounded emotions.

I am hopelessly
desperately, completely, despairingly in love with you
ensnared like a trapped dove
striving for unrealistic perfection to replicate the concept of beauty
but loving you is the sweetest form of self-destruction
the burning slice of a dagger
the shattering impact of a bullet
the tight constriction of a rope.

For it is easier than loving you
safer than trusting you
better to haunt you that release you
remain in the shadows of your mind
make you forever carry the guilt of my love
I love you deeply, excruciatingly, disconsolately.

Endless days of agonising suffering lie ahead
such simplicity to end it,
to slip away peacefully.

Too much to say
but I don't have the words
so I've settled for the conspiracy
of eternal silence.

by Emily Heatley (0)
Helsby High School, Cheshire

Competition - Poetopia

Copyright remains with the author.