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The Forgetfuls

Once there was a boy named Ben
He would forget again and again
His mum would say if he kept forgetting
He'd do something he'd end up regretting
Ben had forgotten and did not know
He should have left for school an hour ago
His mum would say, 'Don't worry dear!'
But from detention he would fear
At school, he didn't want to show his face
So he walked at the slowest pace
'What are you doing in at this time?
Go and write one thousand lines!'
Later on he grew a hunch
He had forgotten his packed lunch!
But later on at PE he had forgotten his kit
So on the sidelines he had to sit
But his sister, Sally, was even worse
It ran through the family, just like a curse
She would forget to get up for school
It made her look like such a fool
Her hair was messy and she was wild
But certainly a lovely child
Always being so polite
Her homework was always right
If only she wasn't always late
And moved at a faster rate
She'd become the best in class
And be the first not the last
So Ben and Sally bought four clock alarms
And they all worked like charms.

by Tyler Boruta (9)
Johnstown Primary School, Carmarthen

Competition - Out Of This World

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