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The Sun Runs Dry

The star was coming,
Coming at a speed,
A speed so fast,
So fast the colours ran,
Ran and mixed,
Mixed from red, yellow and orange,
To blue, pink and purple in a bang,
A bang so loud it stunned the Earth,
The Earth so much no one dared to breathe,
Breathe, speak or whisper,
Whisper, 'Help. It is coming.'
It is coming,
Coming so fast it's turning,
Turning black,
Black as coal,
Coal that is burnt,
Burnt so black by fire,
By fire so hot,
So hot and red,
Red and yellow,
Yellow and orange,
Orange and so deadly,
So deadly the Earth will die,
The Earth will die as its sun,
As its sun runs dry,
As its sun runs dry the Earth will die.

by Ruby Mitchell (11)
Stonehill School, Letchworth Garden City

Competition - Out Of This World

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