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The Space Zoo

Feeling bored? Got nothing to do?
Then hop on a rocket and visit my zoo.
It's just past Mars and to the right,
you'll be in for a spectacular sight!
Think of a weird animal and it will be there,
but be warned, you must avoid the Hypnotiser's stare!
The Butterphant's wings produce music so sweet
but to a predator's ears it's a deafening shriek.
If that's not enough then read the rest
because my zoo will put your fears to the test!
Small fins and hopping sharks both lie in the water,
sleek and sly hunters they search out and slaughter.
Bear-a-Bat's eyes bulge from his wings,
his fangs are like daggers, they are terrible things.
But for the faint-hearted I have cutesy and sweet,
like Little Eye Spider who has too many feet.
Wallasnarl's cuddly, well sort of I think,
if you like a snake's body and can handle the stink.
Beak Horns is adorable, I think he is great
but his razor-sharp horns are why my ten fingers are now eight.
So come, come visit my zoo,
it's perfect for families, my creatures will like you...

by Mya Fuller (0)
The Baird Primary Academy, Hastings

Competition - Out Of This World

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