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Out Of This World

I'm flying high in my spaceship
Where stars come out to play,
I go as fast as a whip
You may not see me in the day.
I may be green and very scary
With sharp teeth and smelly skin,
You might need to be wary,
I might look and smell
Like something out of a bin.
Space is amazing but very cold,
Where asteroids come in every shape and size,
The universe is extremely old,
You can even see the sun rise.
Planets come in every colour,
Space is still and silent,
But compared to Earth everything else is duller.
Everything's gentle not violent.
In space the day has come to an end
But the stars still roam high,
My spaceship needs a bit of a mend
From space we say goodbye.

by Millie Eyre (11)
St Mary's Primary School, Ballycastle

Competition - Out Of This World

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