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A Christmas Wish

A Christmas wish of hope for the modernist electronic item,
For the most expensive, scintillating Pandora bracelet,
For a new wardrobe of designer clothes,
For a fluffy penguin directly from the Arctic,
But I guess that'll have to wait,
Mum wouldn't appreciate!

A Christmas wish of peace for the homeless family huddled in a corner,
For the abandoned child strewn on the frosty pavement,
For the unfortunate patient helpless on the sickbed,
I hate to think of all these things,
But if I join a charity, the community will act merrily!

A Christmas wish of magic for a crystalline palace,
For a lacy carpet of crisp snowflakes,
For a snowy mountain, glistening in the starlight,
For my own playful fairy,
Those things are real!
Well, maybe in my dreams . . .

The snow is thawing and so are my wishes,
I might make money for a charity,
By washing dishes,
But meanwhile,
I'm gonna meet my friends at another school day,
I'm lucky,
Because friendship never melts away!

by Mawadda Edbagi (0)
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Competition - Out Of This World

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