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The Space Flower

The space flower is bigger than the sun
All the planets together are not big enough even as one
The flower and the sun loved each other
The flower always wore a hat to cover
The seeds to whom she was a mother

They were the most prized things she had
Without them she would surely go mad

Finally as the two lovers touched
Hovering motionless and clutched
Then suddenly they smelt something burn
The magnificent flower looked and made a turn
They then saw each other one last time

The flower, the sun, her most precious seed
You are the one it now shall need
Viciously the flames showed
Brightly the space flower glowed
And departed from this world
The sun cried to the Earth of its great loss

That is what is now known to us as water sprites
He then threw the seed over the earth
So that maybe one day he could see its birth
The sun looked away and started to weep
And on top of his enormous grief
Something behind him started to shine

He turned round and there was something with even more beauty and power
Hovered the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen
'I am the moon, but you can call me Flower!'

by Lizzie Mathilde Van Der Hoeven (9)
Ripley Court School, Woking

Competition - Out Of This World

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