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Creatures Of The Sky

Once in a sky not far away,
Nine constellations decided to play.

Canis Major, the great big dog,
Wagged his tail and chased a great starry log.
Orion the hunter shot his huge bow,
And hit a bear far, far below.

Cygnus the swan and Taurus the bull,
Played around in the sky so full.
The Gemini twins laughed with delight,
As they rode the Big Dipper throughout the night.

Andromeda riding on Leo so brave,
With Scorpius hissing along the way.

Alas! All good times must end,
Whether scorpion, hunter, lion or friend.
As the constellations lay down to sleep,
The big glowing sun started to peep.

by Lily Irene Hanson (9)
King Edward Primary School, North Shields

Competition - Out Of This World

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