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Total Gibberish

My brother, he says gibberish,
He waffles on and on,
I tell him to speak English,
But he never stops for long!

Yesterday I said, 'Wow, brother,
Rainbows are so fine,
But their mystery makes me curious,
So make the answer mine!'

He turned and said, 'Light is a spectrum
Of rainbow colours true,
When shining through rain, they become
Purply orange and blue!'

I asked him, 'Why is algebra
So complicated and tough?
Just give me some tips, that's all I need,
Quite frankly I've had enough!'

He grunted as he said, 'The letters are equal
To numbers like three or four,
Find the equality to these values,
Then do a little more!'

So I said, 'The sun is amazing,
It provides us with heat and light;
But why on earth does it disappear
During the darkness of night?'

So he muttered, 'The Earth is rotating,
And different parts face the sun,
When we face it, we have light,
But night comes when there is none.'

Total gibberish, I tell you!

by Julius Tollon (11)
St Mary's CE Primary School, Bath

Competition - Out Of This World

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