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A Dream

I open my eyes and here I am
A place like no other
A palace of glittering gold
On clouds of silver like glistening mirrors
Like a lady in a glittering gown
She is the goddess of the sky
The guardian of the clouds.

A tranquil world, a mysterious place
With blue cerulean water, crystal clear
Running down like a gushing waterfall.

As misty as the Angel Falls
As blue as a Caribbean lagoon
More wonderful than the stars.

An emerald pond
Lavender lilies on apple-green lily pads
Shimmering sky-blue water
Whistling and gurgling like a volcano
Creating small ripples in the calm water.

Dragonflies with stunning silly silver wings
Birds with soft golden feathers
Golden the luminous sun.
And velvety vermilion tails,
Flying and gliding.

by Iqra Zubair (11)
Doddinghurst CE Junior School, Brentwood

Competition - Out Of This World

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