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Black Hole

He spins through the vast expanse like a Catherine wheel on a dark night.
Twirling across the abyss, an endless whirlpool of swirling darkness.
A churning vortex of shadows.
Like a primeval wolf howling through the endless rift until the golden dawn.
Iridescent stars may pass him by but he will keep on spinning.
Slicing through the infinite history.
His dark energy radiating like a dust cloud of spirits.
He prances like an elegant horse bouncing through swirling masses
Which are galaxies.
Luminous nebulas can only watch infuriated, as he boasts his excellence with pride.
He will spend the rest of his days cascading round the universe
Like a rogue soldier marching across the galaxy.
An empty soul of your darkest shadows and nightmarish fears.
He is no longer a pretty sight but an offspring of the deepest evil.
In his core the abhorrent being wakes.
He moans, he groans, he is hungry
Like a tiger prowling in a kaleidoscope of destruction.
Snapping up matter in the mysterious jungle
That is the final frontier and the end of humanity's journey.
As he implodes upon other stars, sucking up the last of their life force
In an inanimate battle for survival.
As the battle rolls out upon the rough flats of space.
The crash, the boom, sends debris blasting into the void of darkness.
The light fire of the star counters his blazing black strikes.
He pulls with all his might, extinguishing the floating inferno.
There is a flaw in his plan, a spanner in the works.
The jet-black teardrops only float,
You can't see his raw pain. His eternal life . . .
A prison.
Nothing but agony hated by all.
You may think they don't know what you say about them . . .
But they do!

by Finlay Welsh (10)
Bardwell CEVC Primary School, Bury St. Edmunds

Competition - Out Of This World

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