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Edward O'Manzel

There was once a prince called Edward O'Manzel,
Who had to rescue and marry a damsel.
He met a girl pleasant and nice,
And rescued her from turning to ice.
She was grateful and said 'Thank you',
She then asked him to marry her too.
But he looked at her she was awfully fat,
No way, he thought, am I marrying that!

Next day he met a girl, helpful and kind,
Who had to retrieve a diamond she couldn't find.
He helped her get it back again.
She asked him to marry her then.
But she had messy hair with a streak of grey.
Marry her, he thought, no way!

Finally he met a rather beautiful girl,
With long, blonde hair with a perfect curl.
She was rather horribly chained to a stone.
He set her free and watched the monster groan.
He then slayed it heroically and well,
And broke the girl from her evil spell.
She asked him to marry her beauty and all.
He agreed; next day they had a ball.
But the girl was neither kind nor nice,
And had a heart as cold as ice.
The prince wished he'd married one of the other two,
He'd do differently next time, that he knew.

by Elizabeth Noon (9)
Brocks Hill Primary School, Leicester

Competition - Out Of This World

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