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The Ocean

A vast blue pool of crystal liquid, islands dotted here and there,
Like tiny gems of soft blue silk, where there's only liquid air.

The ocean, an unknown place, cloaked in mystery,
A place that's been there for all time and history,
A beautiful pool, full of life,
A dazzling knife that cuts and strikes,
A giant droplet behind a dyke,
The sea, a deadly spike.

A crashing wave, little droplets spraying everywhere,
A powerful outburst from the raging sea,
A cold, fast blast, wet and windy,
A great blue puddle, blowing formlessly.

But underneath all is calm,
Sunlit rays shooting through the surface,
And when you finally do resurface,
The water glistens like a diamond,
And the golden sun peeps over the horizon.

But dive down into the inky depths,
Some strange creatures you will find have crept,
To this mysterious pit of never-ending darkness,
Like a deadly night that's totally starless,
Only some creatures can reach the furthest,
Depths of these darkened mountains and ravines.

But go back to the sun and the crystal clear pools,
Where the life and the water sparkle like jewels.

by Elizabeth Blain (10)
Brocks Hill Primary School, Leicester

Competition - Out Of This World

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