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Star Performance

As she slowly drifted up into the air,
An audience of stars made a bright glare.
Now was her moment to shine the brightest,
She floated on stage, ready to be the lightest.
Although her nerves were shaking her
And everything was a blur,
She took her place and tried to stand proud,
Shining in front of the starry crowd.
Then she began, 'I am Sirius, the brightest light,
I shall shine all through the night!'
Now it was nearly over and most of her fears had gone away,
She couldn't wait to find out if she had won and was to stay.
Then judges, Moon, Earth and Mars
Decided, 'Thank you Sirius and to all contestant stars!'
'Now all please be seated, for we have a winner,
Although she's not a singer,
She's the brightest star
Definitely by far!
It's the brilliant . . . Sirius!
Sirius your light is so mysterious,
We just had to choose you,
You did something different to the others too!
Well done Sirius, well done!' they said.
She was deliriously happy, she had won and could stay.
Sirius took her place in the sky,
But by then it was time to say goodbye,
Because it was already sunrise,
But no star disappears, they just put on their disguise!

Sirius is more happy than ever,
Because she'll live there forever...

by Eleanor Wright (11)
Niton Primary School, Ventnor

Competition - Out Of This World

Copyright remains with the author.