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Produce Of Scotland

P igs are pink and love to roll in the mud
R oast potatoes come from the farm
O utside, the farm has pink and brown animals
D uck for dinner is very rich, I eat
U ntil I am very full up.
C rops are growing in fields
E ggs come from different chickens

O ften I eat all types of food
F armers help the animals

S heepdogs chase the sheep into their pens
C hickens love to lay eggs and keep warm
O ften they lay in the hay
T rees grow from seeds and grow tall and strong
L ambs pop out of sheep and grow through spring
A nimals get fed every day
N ear to the ground farmers kneel
D oing their work and loving it.

by Sofia-Rose Smeaton (7)
Inchinnan Primary School, Inchinnan

Competition - My First Acrostic

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