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It was another boring day. The 21st of May.
I had been flying loop-the-loops in my rocket all day . . .
Until, a crash! and a bang! A comet shot my way.
It left a hole in the side, with the hatch open wide -
I floated out, out, out!

It was dark, it was scary, but amazing too.
In the distance, far away, I spotted Earth, all blue.

I saw the red planet, Mars,
And all the twinkling stars.
I bet you'll never guess what I saw next, can you?

A smooth round shape with a bright yellow light.
The size of a double-decker bus. What an awesome sight!

It hummed towards me, I tried to move away
But . . .

The aliens had got me and they wanted me to stay!

They made me a supper of lumpy sticky goo,
My lips got stuck together as if I was eating glue.
They played me a welcoming song
And they all sang along
In their funny squeaky voices, and played the drums
Bing! Bang! Bong!

It was a wonderful night, we all had so much fun.
By the end I'd become friends with everyone.

I needed to get back
But I was waaaay off track
So they typed a few keys on their inter-galactic sat nav and . . .

8 Smalls Mead - right up ahead -
I surprised my cat, Sunshine, who was curled up on my bed!

My friends smiled and waved and winked their special eye,
Their unique way of saying 'Goodbye, Earthling, goodbye!'

They zoomed up, up, up
In a flash of coloured lights.

I was home at last.
What an amazing sight!

by Poppy Small (8)
Independent Entry, Somerton

Competition - Out Of This World

Copyright remains with the author.