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A Mysterious Planet

Smoke with fiery blasts
As the shuttle came soaring past.
The ship planned to go to Mars
But the engine failed when they reached the stars.
They weren't far from Earth
So planned to retreat to the world's soft green turf.
The wind was strong, the ship swerved the wrong way,
The ship was in mid-air all day.
Their spaceship crashed onto a mysterious land,
All of the island was top to toe with sand.
Every astronaut wandered about,
'I've found something,' one called out.
A cave of crystals, a diamond mine,
Each one beautiful - all quite fine.
Rubies red, emeralds bright green,
The cave was filled with treasures up to the astronauts' knees.
The astronauts saw this as a golden opportunity,
Each one exchanged glances in unity.
All of them grabbed a diamond and loaded them onto their ship,
When they finished loading their ship began to tip.
They flew back home hoping for a triumphant return,
Their shuttle lifted off as the engine's fire burned.
They opened the door as the shuttle touched the ground
But then they heard an unmistakable sound.
'What?' said the commander. 'You've brought stones back to Earth.'
He took a rock and threw it to the world's turf.
'But Commander, we found a diamond cave,'
'This can't be possible,' a spaceman said, hanging his head in shame.
Everybody knows if you have brought diamonds back from space,
They only stay diamonds in that same place.

by Imogen Walton (0)
St Charles RC (VA) Primary School, Spennymoor

Competition - Out Of This World

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