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The Snail Who Lost His Shell

Snail slithered along the path. He knocked on Cousin Tortoise’s door. The shell made a tap. 'Quickly Tortoise, it’s sunny and I’m drying out.’
Tortoise woke. 'Hello Slug,’ he said.
‘It’s not Slug, it’s Snail. I’ve lost my shell, have you seen it anywhere?’
‘Not here, try Cousin Turtle,’ said Tortoise slowly.
So Snail slithered to the sea and called out for Turtle. No reply. Then a little voice from the rock pool said, ‘He’s gone fishing for tea.’ It was Hermit Crab. ‘Bet you didn’t recognise me in my new home!’
'It looks familiar,' Snail said. They laughed together.

by **WINNER** Isabella Haddrick (8)
White Mere Community Primary School, Gateshead

Competition - Once Upon A Time

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