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Fairy Tale Frenzy!

Sleeping Beauty had no idea why she was at the top of a beanstalk! Feasting her eyes upon the golden castle, she climbed the colossal stairs. 'Really! Why do princesses have annoying dresses?' A giant sat, making socks on a spinning wheel. 'You're not the prince!' she cried.
'You're not Jack!' he boomed.
‘Need help?'
'Please,' he grumbled.
'Needle! Ouch! Yawn!'
Hours later, she awoke to an alarm… Prince arrived to rescue. Found Sleeping Beauty eating cookies! He was rather embarrassed. 'Thought you were supposed to sleep for a century?'
'Handled it myself!' she smiled, slipping off to visit Goldilocks!

by Amélie Silvestre (7)
Hampton Hill Junior School, Hampton

Competition - Once Upon a Time

Copyright remains with the author.