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Wreath In Winter (About Solomon Wreath)

Don't judge me because I'm a Necromancer. Just because I control death and shadows, doesn't mean I'm evil. Why does everyone think that? I've done lots of bad things, especially leading my student Valkyrie astray into the dark power of Necromancy. Even she, a particularly strong-willed girl, has given in to the darker side of her nature. I'm almost as corruptive as my so-called 'friend', Skulduggery Pleasant, and definitely more corrupted. I don't even enjoy Necromancy, all the itchy robes, cold temples and bad reputations. But it is probably the most powerful magic. I gave in to power once again.

by Alexander Hegarty (11)
Sir John Lawes School, Hertfordshire

Competition - Mini Monologues

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