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'Lift-off! Us two pigs have finally gone into space!' Neil Porkstrong exclaimed. 'Goodbye Earth, hello moon! Isn't it beautiful?' He virtually yapped on about it all day!
'Hamston, we have a problem!' he exclaimed loudly. 'We have found a spungee fluymp on our spacecraft! We have no clue what to do!'
'You'll be fine!' Hamston reassured them. 'Try and focus on painting that moon!'
'We've landed!' Neil said.
'And about time too!' Buzz Pigdrin moaned. 'Now then,' he suddenly said, 'let's paint this moon!'
'Where's the paint-a-tron five-thousand?'
There was a long pause. 'Grrrrr!'
Buzz screamed, 'We've left it at home!'

by Sam Pyefinch (9)
Grove Road Primary School, Tring

Competition - Once Upon a Time

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