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The Abbey School, Suffolk

'Tickets from Peterborough,' demanded the plump conductor.

The 11:16 train chugged through fog. Chunky rocks glistened, beeches glowed like flame-torches. Tom wiped a peephole on the window. No house, road or human in sight. He felt a shudder as the engine braked with a final whoosh. Fingers of mist curled across the figure standing on Alnmouth platform. Was that a shield he held?

'Tom... your armour, hurry!'

Across the purple moor soared a blood-red, long-horned dragon. Snickersnack went Tom's sword, as scorching breath forced his eyes shut. When Tom opened them, the conductor held a ticket, 20:14 Return it read.

by Jack Gathorne-Hardy (8)
The Abbey School, Suffolk

Competition - Once Upon a Time

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