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Viking Raid

Vikings are on a pirate raid.
Them Scandinavians are on their way.
Barging their way through the seven seas.
Heading for an island they see.

On the island a church stands tall.
So they landed their ship once and for all.
They got off the boat and they got their swords.
This was not peaceful no musical chord.

Moustaches, beards covered their face.
They could just about see that golden place.
The boys, the girls had long plaited hair.
And their toxic gas filled the air.

They waited and waited until the right time.
Then they slaughtered anyone of any sight or sign.
They went through the church emphatically as they cleared the last boot.
And finally they got the golden, precious loot.

by Robert Astley (10)
Egerton Community Primary School, Bolton

Competition - Out Of This World

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