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Homeless, hungry, hopeful but scared
Too scared to even ask for help,
But do others even care?

Is it my fault, do I even have faith?
It seems I've been let down by life,
But do others even care?

No food, no water, I can't even farm,
All that surrounds me is bare, cracked land.
A family to feed; we're not happy anymore
I used to have a life - not anymore!
But do others even care?

I'd rather die, not cry every day,
I'm miserable enough without my kids in pain,
I wish for someone to say I'm not alone,
But do others even care?
I'm not sure anymore!

Screaming and shouting down the road,
Another donkey collapses now skin and bone.
But do others even care?
Not anymore!

Please share, don't be greedy
People need our love and care,
Just think of that in our prayer.

by Abigail Leadbetter (10)
Ingleton CE Primary School, County Durham

Competition - Out Of This World

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