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A Fate Untold

The forbidden land,
Territory of the victor,
No man's cottage yet every man's grave.
Those brightest of ships summoned across a blank canvas,
Though the feud of strangers embarks.

It swallows those of spirit, courage, blended rage, frosted hearts,
It spares no mercy but kills, steals and destroys.

No hatred shall come of all these individually,
For their very dwellings are but the pit of fate untold,
Created to defend their own attacks.

No marathon shall open the gates of hope,
As the only escape will last eternity.
Souls and minds roam far and wide,
Though many remain lame, prisoner to the tunnel in which they're surrounded.

The journey to death . . . a fate untold.

by Lauren Dinnall (13)
Shirley High School Performing Arts College, Croydon

Competition - War Of Words

Copyright remains with the author.