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Forgotten Yesterdays

The remnants lay as embers,
A smoke lingering incandescently,
Soldiering upwards into the cloudless devoid,
Uniforms so perfectly fitted enraptured soulless bodies.
I envisage your crimson cheeks,
Angelically complementing pools of sapphire,
Velvet lips through which words of desire masked repudiation.
But foolish I was to deem the world so equitable,
For ravenous angels seize stars so phosphorescent;
An offering to the hunter's moon.
A fragile stiffness depletes your veneer,
A forgotten melody of euphoria,
Deluging with the blood of merciless massacre.
A badge so tainted with carnage;
The debris of your devotion,
Recalls a heinous shove into death's valley,
Undermining the utopia of yesterday's smiles.

by Claire McKernan (0)
Loreto Grammar School, Omagh

Competition - War Of Words

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