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Planet Fantasy

There are humans on Earth but what is there on the sun?
Fire dragons floating inside the gas of fire
Blowing rings of clouds to their hearts' desire
Their scales glimmer through the infinite heat wave
The creatures safely hidden in their blazing cave.

There are dragons in the sun but what is there on Venus?
Poisonous mermaids glide and swish through the clouds
They're a noisy stock but you can't hear their sounds
Phoenix nest in the lava-feathered filled volcanoes
What do they do in the volcanoes? No one yet knows . . .

There are unusual animals on Venus but what is there on Pluto?
Misty blue canines running everywhere
When dark they hide in their crater-like lairs
Their soft white fur reflects light for the stars
News just in! The dogs are trying to invade Mars!

There are mystic hounds on Pluto but what is there on Saturn?
Unicorns rapidly racing on the fiery-coloured rings
Galloping and leaping on Saturn's wings
Rocky trolls scattered about, laughing out loud
If you're lucky, you'll see them swimming through the clouds

There are trolls and unicorns on Saturn but what is there on Mars?
Acid amphibians here and there
Leaving trails of slime and spawning everywhere
Oozing venom from their back
Their food is not as tasty as a Big Mac!

There are frogs on Mars but what is there on Uranus?
Gargoyles and goblins working to keep their planet clean
If you try to interact with them, they're always too busy
They're always shouting, 'Go away, leave me be!'
There are gargoyles and goblins on Uranus but what is there on Mercury?

by Louise Calacal (10)
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Haywards Heath

Competition - Out Of This World

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