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Alum Bay

We went to Alum Bay
On a bright sunny day.
We hung in the air
In the swinging chair.

My feet could touch the tops of the trees
Feeling the calm and gentle breeze
We gazed at the twinkling sea
The sun glistening with glee.

Down and down I go
To the pebbly beach below.
The cliffs were colourful
Sand so wonderful.

Just like a rainbow
I had to take a photo!
We went on a boat,
So warm! No coat!

We saw the white Needles,
Like church steeples.
Chalky cliffs, white as snow
Feeling small from the boat below.
Time to leave, makes me sad,
What a lovely day I've had.

by Lily Martin (9)
Bushy Hill Junior School, Guildford

Competition - Out Of This World

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