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Stinky Socks

From the washing line the other day
My socks fell off and blew away
Up and up in the sky so high
Until they were a dot in the sky.

They flew with a whoosh and with a zoom
And landed in the Queen's living room.
'Oh my! Whose smelly socks are these?
They whiff and pong of stinky cheese!'

So she sent the Queen's horses and the Queen's men
To find the owner of the socks again.
They knocked on the door of a house in Brum
And asked to speak to Joe and his mum.

'Are these your socks that smell of cheese?
If they are, then take them, please!'
'Oh yes,' said Mum, 'they belong to Joe.
He has the stinkiest socks I know!'

His socks were back, yippee! Hooray!
The next day was a windy day.
Mum said, 'The weather's looking fine.
I'll hang your pants on the washing line . . .'
Oh no!

by Joe Metzger (7)
Abbey Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

Competition - Out Of This World

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