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After School

When all the children go home at the end of the day,
All the stationery comes out to play!

Rubbers rub, pencils write, you wouldn't believe such an amazing sight,
Paper rustles here and there, out of the drawers, everywhere.

Rulers measure the tables and chairs,
The crayons draw some colourful squares.

The calculators are practising their two times tables,
The handwriting pens are preparing labels.

The dictionaries are checking the children's test,
Whilst the stapler and paper clips take a rest.

The morning arrives, the sun is shining,
The stationery returns to its place which was good timing.

The sound of children soon filled the room,
They would never know what was happening under the light of the moon.

by Emily Morgan (0)
Waycroft Academy, Bristol

Competition - Out Of This World

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