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The Autumn Dragon

As you walk outside on a frosty night,
The moon oh so shiny, and oh so bright,
You breathe heavily and see a sight,
Of the autumn dragon, in the moonlight.

You smell the smoke of an old, dusty bonfire,
The cold and the warmth clashing together,
Heart pounding, mind rushing, bones crunching,
You're left isolated in wind.

The roasting, and the toasting of all the food,
Hit you all at once in a split second.

All the cut, crafty pumpkins,
As orange as rusty leaves,
Staring you in the eye,
With all the sounds of a wolf howl,
And as this all happens you seem to forget.

The dragon is watching, and waiting,
At your death . . .

by Danny Hogarth (10)
Kettering Science Academy, Kettering

Competition - Out Of This World

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