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How Aliens Invaded Earth

In space there hovered an alien station,
That had enough power to wipe out a nation.
General Blop got out of bed,
And you won't believe what he went and said!
He said, 'Let's stop hovering round the moon,
We're beginning to run out of table spoons!
We must invade a planet (namely Earth),
Otherwise another alien will get there first!'
So he fired up the engine, and turned on the rockets,
And grabbed some snacks and filled his pockets.
He ran to the deck and yelled at the pilot,
'Set course for Earth, it's code violet!'

When the navy heard they said, 'Well that's news.
But they're aliens and we're navy, what shall we do?'
'Fire fruit at them!' the sergeant replied.
'They won't know what it is and they'll subside!'
And so they did with great ferocity,
Firing bananas at terminal velocity
They defeated the aliens (you may find),
But they did leave something behind.
A nasty and evil and horrid creature,
The aliens left behind teachers!

by Charlie Cooper (0)
Bredon Hancock's First School, Tewkesbury

Competition - Out Of This World

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