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Out Of This World

Spring . . .
Fluffy white lambs leaping in the lea
Birds in the sky so beautiful to see
The huge green trees each leaf sticking out
A bright bunch of yellow daffodils, beautiful no doubt.

Summer . . .
Needing to wear suntan lotion
The yellow dinghy floating in the ocean
Sweet juicy strawberries being plucked at the farm
No damp weather to do any harm.

Autumn . . .
As all the green leaves are being shed
We see all the more gold, brown and red
Conkers, chestnuts and pine cones are found
Crunch, crunch as you tread on the ground

Winter . . .
Everyone wearing their scarf and coat
In the air, shiny white snowflakes float
The wind giving a powerful blow
Wellies that sink deep down in the snow.

by Amirah Marzook (11)
Rastrick Independent School, Brighouse

Competition - Out Of This World

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