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The Vortex Diamond

Once, on an undiscovered purple moon at the edge of an unknown galaxy, there were two brothers. They were created by a clever scientist. One brother was called Blue because he was blue. The other was called Red because he was red. When they were created, the clever scientist (having a not-so-clever day) made a mistake. There was supposed to be one but he accidentally spilt the reproduction pod. Blue ended up with the good gene and Red with the bad one.

To hide his mistake the sometimes-clever scientist hid the mutant brothers far away from the rest of the purple population. They grew up in isolation with only each other for company. As time passed they grew apart, each following separate paths.

Red spent most of his time plotting to take over the moon and turn it red, which was pointless seeing how the purple moon was decaying. All its resources were fast disappearing and it would soon be unable to sustain life. Even though Blue was an outcast, he wanted to save his home and become accepted, maybe even a hero.

It was then that destiny played its part. While searching for a solution, Blue discovered The Vortex Diamond. To cut a short story even shorter, this magic crystal reflected the cosmic rays surrounding the purple moon and replenished its resources.

But Red stole it and took control. The clever-once-again scientist saw the events happening on his lab detector. He immediately teleported himself to a scene and 'fused' both brothers with his fusing machine. Red and Blue became one, normal... if slightly weird purple hero.

The purple moon and its people were saved.

by Nylah James (9)
Laycock Primary School, London

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