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Did this beautiful monster lie dormant
From the moment I first drew breath?
Or had it begun as a star?
A burning desire for another
That had collapsed on itself
As gravity defied comprehension
And a black hole stole all that was innocent and pure.

Replaced was my star
By a darkness,
A new force that both pushed and pulled.
Desperate to be free, terrified to be known.
Inside was a battle
That had reached stalemate,
As my soul searched for answers,
Only to find more questions.

Religion, reason and rage
Collided with passion,
To become a circle and arrow
Bound to another,
Against the will of God.
But He created me? Was His design flawed?
Or was this the work of another?
Could it be a curse
Inflicted upon me by Aphrodite?
Or a blessing disguised by anguish?

Putting pen to paper,
I followed Sappho.
Words transferred shame onto scripture
And satisfaction set in.

How heavy that burden had been
To now be lifted, allowing me to fly.
I admitted who I was
To God, to myself, to the world.
No longer did I fight it,
I let lust and love lead the way

Into the dawn of a new age.

by Jolene Purdy (16)
Heolddu Comprehensive School, Bargoed

Competition - War Of Words

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