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Bombs are going off in my head,
I wish I could tell you why.
I've not even reached the war yet,
Already I think I will die.

I'm only seventeen years old,
Too young to go and fight.
My old man told me I had to go,
When he came back drunk last night.

The train is bumping down the track,
The other soldiers bright.
They don't think they'll break their backs,
They actually want to fight.

I charge into my first battle,
The most frightened I've ever been.
Men falling down around me,
I don't need to set the scene.

Four years on and I'm still here,
Surviving by a thread.
I hope it will be over soon,
Because I'm still not dead.

Eleventh of the eleventh at 11am
It's when the war is over, I'm pleased like all the men.
I live to see another day, boy am I glad,
All the folks at home, I'm sure, will be going mad.

Here I am, safe at last, snuggled warm in bed,
Sleep has never felt so good, I need to rest my head.
Dad says he shouldn't have sent me, he feels really bad,
My mother is overjoyed, I think she's just as glad.

by Anna Millions (10)
Kirkby Malzeard CE Primary School, North Yorkshire

Competition - Out Of This World

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