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My Aunt's Cat

My aunt's cat is surely wild,
Just last week he ate a child!
Lying on the radiator there,
Surely he could fight a bear!
He stares at me with squinting eyes,
For he is a predator in disguise.
But my aunt loves him all the same,
Even when he bites her again and again.
In the dark of my aunt's front room,
I see his eyes flicker like emeralds under the moon.
I see his ears prick,
I see his nose twitch.
He turns his head with a slight move,
Then his tongue juts out.
He's looking at you.
Fear grips your very being,
And you realise the cages
That look like they've been there for ages.
You realise you're in a zoo,
Looking right at your aunt's cat -
A tiger.

by Holly McGlue (10)
Torridon Junior School, London

Competition - Out Of This World

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