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Opposite World

Through the door where no one goes,
Are secrets that no one knows.
Light seeps out of every hole,
As the wooden door reveals a path, the colour of coal.

The blazing sun shines from the ground,
Light travels at the speed of a hound.
Approaching me is a tiny elephant,
It stops for a drink to end its continuous pant.

Grasping gently is the giant, green grass,
Waiting impatiently for me to pass.
Glaring down at me is a spider of immense size,
I'm afraid of them and I'm not telling lies.

Glittering, blue water is like a pile of swords,
Unbelievably, I see water flowing upwards.
I don't believe it, I'm definitely tongue-tied,
Some people say it's gravity defied.

As I walk back through the door,
The rain starts to pour.
Opposite world is out of the ordinary,
And even more into the extraordinary.

When all the secrets have been revealed,
The door closes and seals.

by Jennifer Wooldridge (10)
Ham Dingle Primary School, Stourbridge

Competition - Out Of This World

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