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The Magic Medal Adventure

... play park. She was greeted by Miss Ferguson who gave her a magic medal. 'This medal will take you anywhere you wish to go, but first you have to find the wizard,' said Miss Ferguson.

Nekayva looked around the play park for the wizard, he was there by the swings. 'Hello,' said the wizard.

'Hello, can you help me?' asked Nekayva. 'I want to find my Hatchimal. I think it's hiding somewhere in the park. Have you seen it?' said Nekayva.

'Hmm, could it be by the slide? Shall we go and see!'

They both walked to the slide but the Hatchimal was not there. 'Could it be by the pond?' They walked over to the pond. Nekayva found a nest amongst the bushes. 'I found it!' shouted Nekayva excitedly.

'Well done,' said the wizard. The wizard held the Hatchimal in his hands and it turned pink.

Suddenly, the egg hatched, a baby pink unicorn appeared from the shell. It cried, calling for its mummy and daddy. 'Don't worry,' said Nekayva to the unicorn. 'You can stay with me.' The unicorn smiled.

It began to get dark. Nekayva wanted to go home. She said goodbye to the wizard, then she held her medal and it began to glow. A portal appeared, Nekayva walked towards the portal with the unicorn. There was a flash of light. Nekayva was soon fast asleep in her bed, hugging her unicorn and dreaming about her adventure.

by Nekayva CastaƱeda-Kwamie
Hermitage Primary School, Uxbridge

Competition - My First Story 2017

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