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The Witch And Wizard

One scary night, I found a door to a naughty witch who lived in a dark and gloomy cabin. Because she lived there, nobody would be her friend, apart from Tricky the wizard who didn't have any friends either. They loved to practise their magic together, but wished they had just a few more friends. They saw me and asked if I would like to be their friend. I said, 'Yes, you can come to Rainbows with me.'

This made the witch happy, but the wizard was sad because boys couldn't go. Me and the witch went to Rainbows. The wizard now had nobody. He said, 'I will magic up a friend.'

But the spell went wrong and the wizard lost all his magic. He could hear something... he had made a magic monster! He was scared!

'Oh no!' said the witch. She'd had a lovely time, but felt sorry. The witch gave the wizard a potion that gave him his powers back. Together, they did a spell that made the monster friendly.

After that, I could go home because they had a friend. I gave them all a hug, then they helped me back through the door by adding potions to a tree. I was happy to be home.

by Daisy Grantham
Kingsfield Primary School, Chatteris

Competition - My First Story 2017

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