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Tabitha's Superhero Story

... Emma's house. 'Why are we here?' they said.

'OK I think I know why,' said Ben.

'Why?' said Emma.

'Because there's a robber! We can't let him get away,' said Ben.

As soon as the robber saw them he quickly dashed into the sun.

When the two superheroes had finally caught the robber, they brought him to the police station. They snatched all the money he had stolen and gave it to the police.

The police were very cross with the robber as he had robbed many houses before. The superheroes locked him up in jail.

'No more robbing for you!' shouted the police. 'Thank you for catching him. I would like to award you with these medals.'

So the two superheroes and their super dog flew to the magic tree and opened the door to see what villain they would be dealing with next.

by Tabitha Selby-Boothroyd
Danson Primary School, Welling

Competition - My First Story 2017

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