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Esha's Magical Story

... the enchanted forest. They looked around, it was extraordinary! There were magic toadstools and shimmering flowers. It was the most amazing sight in the universe!

A few minutes later, they stepped near a flower. But what a surprise they got when they got sucked up by it! The next second, they saw a pixie standing in front of them. She told them about the nice troll that guarded the candy house.

When they turned around, they saw an ugly, smelly, green troll. He was so smelly that there were flies around him. They were all a bit scared of him. But the troll was friendly and led them to a house made out of sweets. It was not an easy journey. They had to go through meadows of thorns, it was horrible!

When they got inside, the house was empty. Suddenly. a bunch of party stuff arrived. There was a huge cake and other goodies! They had an amazing time!

Soon it was time to go home. So they went through the thorny meadows and the flowers and back through the tree door. It was a lovely adventure!

by Esha Bhatnagar
St George's School, Birmingham

Competition - My First Story 2017

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