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Roxanne's Superhero Story

Once, Emma and Ben wanted to be superheroes so they opened their magic door and went into...

A superhero land. They all turned into superheroes and flew across the soft, woolly clouds. Suddenly, in the distance, Emma saw gems on a special, silver cloud. They went to investigate.

Quickly, they landed on the gem cloud, but as they landed, Emma saw a robber running with a sack of bright gold that he had stolen. 'You shouldn't have that sack of sparkling gold!' Ben said.

Emma, Ben and the dog, called Scruffs, looked determined to put him in jail. So they chased after him, hopping from cloud to cloud. Each time he just slipped away. Eventually, they put him in jail.

The robber cried out, 'No, no, no, let me out!' but nobody heard him.

He stayed there for three years. Everybody who watched was amazed. Emma, Ben and Scruffs really were superheroes. They were very proud of themselves. They even got a shining, bronze medal.

Sadly, it was time to go home so they flew back to the magic door in the tree and hoped to return again another day!

by Roxanne Coburn
Dundale Primary School, Tring

Competition - My First Story 2017

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