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Ellie's Pirate Story

When they opened the door they saw a small rowing boat that was big enough to fit all of them in. Ben saw the paddles, after they jumped in the rowing boat. Then Ben started to paddle along the dark blue sea. Emma and the dog smiled as they floated along the wavy sea.

When the rowing boat stopped they saw an island and a treasure chest. They all jumped out as quickly as possible so they could see what was inside the treasure chest. When they opened the treasure chest Emma and the dog found a crown. Ben wondered where it came from.

But they didn't know that it belonged to a pirate. When the pirate saw them he shouted, 'Get off my island!' They all wondered why the pirate had a hook for a hand. Then once again the pirate shouted even louder at them. Then they all ran.

They didn't look where they were going and they ended up on a pirate ship. The pirate was being mean and made them walk the plank. The children were sad and sorry but the pirate didn't bother to listen. The children didn't want to get wet.

After they got pushed off the boat there were two friendly dolphins who were underneath the plank to save them from going in the freezing cold water.

They also got away before the pirate could put them back on the boat. What a lucky save it was!

When they got back home they ran inside and asked their mum if they could pretend to be pirates. After they dressed up as pirates they went to get their eye patches and then played outside. What a fun day it was! Then they all lived happily ever after!

by Ellie Catapano
Sankey Valley St James Primary School, Warrington

Competition - My First Story 2017

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