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Seewid And Wizard Enter A Spooky Forest

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Seewid who loved discovering new things. One day, he found a wizard watching him. He went to the wizard and the wizard put a spell on the little boy. The spell taught him invisibility and the wizard took him to a magic door.

When they went into the magic door, the door disappeared. The wizard and the boy found themselves dropping from the sky and landed on a path. As they slowly stood up they tiptoed down the path and there stood a horrible witch. She threw Seewid and the wizard into a spooky forest with very long grass. The boy and the wizard found a map. They started walking forward and found eight graves and a red button. They pressed the red button and lots of skeletons came out of the graves. The skeletons were called Freddies. They started chasing after the wizard and the boy. The witch was controlling the Freddies with an iPad.

The wizard and the boy finally found another door and they went into it, it took them back home. The wizard disappeared and the boy no longer had invisibility powers.

by Yahya Abubakar
St Paul's Way Foundation School, London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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