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Holly's Magical Story

One sunny day, Ben and Emma were out walking Rowley the dog, when suddenly, they came across a magical, creaky door. They came to a giant, colourful swirl and then they fell in…

They came across a mushroom with a fairy sitting on it! 'What is your name?' said Emma.

'My name is Holly the fairy,' answered Holly.

'Welcome to the Land of Fairy Mania.'

Suddenly, along came a stinky, fat, ugly, hairy monster. 'Hello… would you like to come to my party?'

'Sure!' they all said.

'Woof, woof,' said Rowley. Ben thought he was saying yes too!

The monster took them to a yummy candy house! 'Come in, come in, eat anything!'

OK then, thought Rowley, I'll eat anything, so he started licking the candy cane.

But, then the monster took them to another place, where Holly the fairy was waiting for them. They ate cake, lemonade and wore party hats and got presents.

Emma and Ben thanked the monster and then they took the presents and the cake back to the magical, colourful swirl. Then they were back at home at last.

by Holly Tilbury (7)
Barnwood CE Primary School, Gloucester

Competition - My First Story 2017

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