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The Grounded Ship

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Rosette, a boy called Dan and a dog called Rafs, who were playing on the beach. Dan said, 'Look, what's that over there?' and pointed at a ship that had run aground.

Rosette asked, 'Whose ship is that?'

'I think it belongs to a nasty, evil pirate,' Dan said, trying to scare his sister. They started looking for the owner from morning till evening until it was time to go home. 'We can look for the pirate tomorrow,' Dan said and they went home.

The next day in the morning, they started looking again for the mystery owner. They found a shadow and they followed it onto the ship. Dan whispered, 'Maybe this is the answer to the mystery owner.'

The owner turned round. Rosette and Dan whispered, 'He is cute.'

The pirate was a little boy dressed as a pirate and the ship was his because it had been grounded on the beach for weeks now.

The boy said, 'I've been sailing to different places to find your family but I'm lost and my ship is stuck. So can you help me?'

Dan said, 'Have this map and mark with a pen where you live.'

Rosette interrupted, 'And we'll push your ship onto the water.'

So the boy marked the map on Africa and it took him 5000 kilometres to get there. Next a push and another push and off he went onto the water. 'Bye-bye!' they shouted.

'Bye-bye.' For a thank you present he gave them a treasure chest each. 'I have lots already,' he said. 'Bye.'

'Thank you,' they shouted and they never told anyone about that day, and they hid the treasure in the attic.

by Zoƫ Smee (7)
SS Peter & Paul RC Primary School, Bristol

Competition - My First Story 2017

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