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My Monster

My monster is a friendly one,
We laugh and play and have lots of fun.
We play games and I often win,
Together we make an awful din!

He has blue eyes, big and round,
And the largest nose that's ever been found!
Thick blue fur and white pearly teeth,
That shine so much like the Great Barrier Reef!

He lives in the school garden hut,
And keeps the hedges neatly cut.
While I'm working hard he watches TV,
The Monster Bake Off on Channel 3!

We eat crisps, chocolate and sweets galore,
So that by the end we can't eat anymore.
Once he ate a full turkey roast,
And made people sick when he began to boast!

He is almost fearless, yes he is,
But if he sees a bee he's off in a whizz!
He lives his life without a care
Though sometimes I have to remind him to brush his hair.

My monster is a friendly one
We laugh and play and have lots of fun.
The best thing is that
He's my monster forever!

by Cara Cahill (6)
St Bride's Primary School, Belfast

Competition - Out Of This World

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