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The Spooky, Dark Wood

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Annabelle, who was walking her puppy called Belle near the forest.

A minute later, she picked up a stick and threw it. 'Fetch!' she shouted to her puppy and Belle went sprinting off to find the stick, but it had landed in the forest and when she reached the stick laying amongst the leaves, a witch came out of her cottage and stole the pup.

'Belle! Belle!' shouted Annabelle when her puppy did not return and ran into the woods, then she saw the witch's cottage and went inside. When the the witch set eyes on Annabelle she cackled with glee.

Annabelle gasped as she saw the witch dangling her dog above the bubbling, smoky cauldron.

She heard the witch chant, 'Beetles and frogs and the tail of a dog.'

Out of the corner of her eye, Annabelle spotted the witch's book of spells and snatched it from the dusty table it sat upon. 'Give me back my dog,' Annabelle cried, 'or I'll burn your precious spell book!' 

Annabelle grabbed a large wax candle, shaped like a black cat with an evil face. She took a page from the witch's spell book and lit it with a candle.

The witch's eyes almost popped out of her head as she screamed with horror. 'Noooo, not my sacred book!'

'I warned you,' declared Annabelle defiantly, as she threw the burning page to the floor.

In that moment, the witch released Belle and she raced towards Annabelle, who scooped her up, turned swiftly on her heels and bolted for the door. She sprinted through the forest as fast as her legs would go when bang, an almighty sound like an explosion stopped her in her tracks. Belle was quivering in Annabelle's arms. As Annabelle turned she was shocked to see the witch's cottage ablaze with roaring flames.

The burning paper from the spell book must have set the cottage alight before the witch could stop it, she thought to herself. The witch had perished in the flames and the very book that had given her so much power had been the cause of her downfall!

Annabelle took a huge sigh of relief, gripped Belle tightly, turned to carry on running and never looked back.

by Sienna Coleman
Langenhoe Community Primary School, Colchester

Competition - My First Story 2017

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